Thursday, March 17, 2011


You know how dogs circle three times, and cats spend several minutes fluffing up everything around them, before they settle in for a good hard bout of resting? That's kind of what I'm doing to the manuscript; only I'm gearing up to work, not rest.

My Reverend Mom always said (and she was right) to start with the hard part of a job and everything after that would be easier. But sometimes, I can't. I have to approach the hard part by the long way, fixing up this and tidying that, and then, when I finally get up one morning, suck back some caffeine, and launch myself at the big bad job that's been awaiting me - I suddenly see how to do it and it all rolls itself out, the pieces fitting together click click click, and the big bad job is not only doable, but kind of fun. Whereas if I'd tackled it first, it would have been every bit as big and bad as it looked.

The trouble is to distinguish between this process and procrastination.

Eighteenth Chapter - watch out! I'm sneaking up on you.

Also - pleats are hard, but totally worth it. If I can get the hem straight, I have a new favorite skirt. (No writing time was used in the production of this skirt.)

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