Thursday, January 17, 2013


Yesterday was a good day on many fronts. I felt like myself, kept an ordinary schedule, and finished those slacks, making several notes that will make the next pair easier and even better-fitting.I did things, I learned things, I ate properly, I barely felt dizzy at all.

Today I'm reverting a bit. But I'm still getting a little something done on a couple of projects. Plus, writing this post. Small as it is, it's more than I did last week.

If you show up every day, eventually, you get stuff done.

It's a surprisingly easy principle to forget. So this is your latest reminder.

Excuse me, I'm going to go be productive while I've got the chance.

In an unprecedented move, I put the zipper in on the first try! Yay me!

I then tore the fabric while taking the basting stitches out.

So time to add a tag: Life is rough. ;D

(Don't worry; it's not a big tear, so I did my vague imitation of darning on it and nobody who isn't looking close will notice. And nobody will look close. I'd have given up sewing long ago if I couldn't assure myself that nobody will close! Books are different. I want somebody to look close at those.)

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