Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Look at What I'm Not Doing

I'm having a little trouble reading print today (I blame the weather), so here's something I can cut and paste and at least have finished a blog post.

The 25-word elevator pitch for The Astral Palace:
Two best enemies work at cross-purposes to disarm a magical trap. To Blythe, it's good vs. evil. To Jilly, it's her family and her life.

And a 250 word query:
The grown-ups in Jilly's life keep disappearing. Only the hated Blythe (but Blythe hated her first!) can help her get Mom and her neighbors back from the mysterious place where the spell downloaded from AstralPalace.com sent them. Jilly assumes that all's well when her people return and the site goes offline.

Blythe, annoyed that she got trapped while magic-ignorant Jilly broke the spell, decides to punish the magician. She teaches herself astral projection to look for the palace on the astral plane, where she finds it locked down, but intact, supported by the energy of dozens of prisoners.

In her dreams - but they aren't dreams - Jilly also returns to the astral palace, drawn by the voice of her father calling her. He went to jail when she was small and she barely remembers him; but he's in the palace now, dodging evil spirits. With the help of the resident ghost, Jilly learns to negotiate the astral plane and reunite with her father. The three plot to access the magician's study and shut the palace down.

When the rebellion Blythe foments among the prisoners threatens to tear the palace, Jilly is trapped in the magician's study, separated from her allies and from the silver cord binding her to her body. If she is ever to wake up in the real world again, Jilly needs to unravel the connections between herself, her family, and the palace and find the best course of action, before the biggest evil spirit kills her dad.

I'm going back and forth on the subject of whether these are "groan" or "meh." I won't beg for critique - if I really want a critique I can pay for one; it's not that expensive - but anyone who feels like working for free...

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