Friday, December 4, 2009

The Tentative Beginning

Apparently, it's Not Done anymore to buy books from nonbloggers. So here I am, fiddling with the software and figuring it out. The greatest sin, in this conext, is to be boring; but what have I got to say that is worth my diverting energy from my work and any portion of the public's coming back day after day? No one cares about my inner struggles or my daily routine, nor do I care to share such information with potential millions of strangers. In any case, my inner struggles and daily routine aren't so different from anybody else's. We separate Art from Life too much in our society. My knack for writing stories is no more nor less special and deserving of respect than somebody else's knack for plumbing.

Still, I have my enthusiasms, and I can write about them, I think - I hope - on a regular basis. Projects, research, the free play of ideas. It's not as if I'm not continually writing something in my head. Maybe it'll be some good to somebody.

The intended schedule is Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday. By Sunday, I think I'll have it together enough to set out the first offering in a planned Idea Garage Sale. Check back then, okay?

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