Monday, February 1, 2010

Not a conference report

I do not regret going to Austin SCBWI's Destination Publication conference with a head cold, as the speakers were all good, I got to see friends and meet Newbery honor medalist Jacqueline Kelly, and it's always good to hang out with other writers. I think I deployed enough hand sanitizer that I didn't infect anybody. I didn't introduce myself to any of the speakers because I didn't want them to remember me as That Red-Nosed Incoherent Lady. It was past nine by the time I got home, and I spent all Sunday in bed under the close medical supervision of my cats. Today I'm moving around more, but am still not coherent and the nose could still light Santa's way through a peasoup fog.

So instead of blogging properly I'm going to encourage you to read this recent blog post by Cyntha Cotten and reflect upon the importance of brainstorming with friends and losing your inhibitions in order to create.

Then I may go crawl back under the cats. Gimme a couple of days and I'll be interesting, or at least informative, or at least writing connectedly, again.

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