Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reference photos

Not surprisingly, the pictures from my research trip are mostly crud. I'm not a skilled photographer, and I was using a disposable camera because if I use my husband's 35 mm I always expose the film taking it out. It's one of the many talents I can count on but can't get paid for.

However, here's a picture of Polly's Chapel, with Moby in the foreground as a size reference:

Also, the front view of the old house on Cypress and 11th, from the middle of what would have been the residents's great view, came out reasonably well:

The Civil War rag doll, who doesn't have a thing to do with my story that I know of. I just like dolls.

I took a picture of the millstone mantelpiece, but it has a big black shadow in one corner. It's the only one like that on the roll, which isn't bad for me. I'm not sure why I can't get all obsessively perfectionist about photographs like I do about other things, but it saves time that I don't.

Tomorrow I take Old Castroville Road out to Medina County and go looking for the Mormon settlement, presently under Medina Lake. It turns out that the nearest approximation I can manage to the route Len and Di would have taken is complicated - Commerce, to Frio, to Old Castroville Road, which eventually peters out into Highway 90, which as near as I can make out follows the correct route, or anyway close enough for government work. Due to the efficiency with which I overprepared last week, I hardly had to do any overpreparation today; though now I think of it, I still need to print out the list of historical markers. So off I go to do that.

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