Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TAS Field School, Day 5

It wasn't Level 4, it was Level 5. I suck at tracking numbers. And the mass of leather hanging at the edge of the pit disintegrated under even finger-screening, but we have a lot of leather so that's all right. It had done its job. When we shovel-skimmed Unit 5 down to 80 centimeters below surface, you could clearly see where the edge of the original trash pit was - we'd been digging, probably, in the spoil of that pit - on the north end, and the shovel test started turning up leather and rusty metal again.

We now have a terraced pit with enough room to work the floor, which we swept so Lynn could take an overview and decide where to dig. I think she said we'd checkerboard 4 units but I was pretty punchy by the end of the day and might be wrong.

I am so tired I had to rest all afternoon to have the strength to form these sentences. Major caffeination tomorrow morning, or I'll just be in the way.

Tomorrow is the last day. Everybody knows the best stuff comes out on the last day.

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