Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Planning More Research Trips

I was going to go out to Helotes today, but tropical storm Hermine took care of that. I didn't stop in Helotes on the way out to Bandera because I was under the misapprehension that it didn't exist during the relevant time, and though I learned different on the trip, I was so tired on the way back, and Helotes is so close, I didn't stop. Now I know that Len makes a stop there while tracking Pegasus, I need to poke around a bit as soon as the weather clears.

The big plans are for October, Texas Archeology Month, and I'm going to have a sticky time making decisions. San Antonio events include "Exploring Ancient Water Systems in a Modern City: San Antonio and the Acequias," on October 12, and "Privy to Investigation: Archaeology of Outhouse Pits and Artifacts from the Alamodome Project, San Antonio, Texas," on October 19, at the Institute of Texan Cultures (can't pass those up!) and Volunteer Days at Rancho de las Cabras, on October 2 and 16 and November 6. Further afield, and more on task, the 10th Annual Val Verde County Archeology Fair will feature the Texas Camel Corps. Since the animals are making themselves characters more than I intended them to, it behooves me to meet a camel. Plus, various opportunities to see rock art, a Gault Site tour which I don't need but at which I might be able to make myself useful (but that will be up to the volunteer coordinator), "How the Confederacy Armed Itself," in Houston on October 21 - in short, much, much more than I will be able to do.

Lots of driving, lots of infodumps, and writing will slow to a crawl for awhile. So I'd better do all the work I can between now and then, and plan my events with care.

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