Thursday, December 9, 2010


Still inefficient, still writing crap, but Lancelot's running and the break through is coming. It won't be crap forever and nobody has to see it till I've transformed the rough draft crap into something closer to literary gold.

Sometimes it's hard to get the figures moving around the stage. You know what happens, but you can't see it. Sometimes you have to walk away from it and sometimes you have to bull through. This week, I've done both. I also had an insomnia-forced sick day.

Good old Len. It'll be odd not to have her voice in my head all day. I wonder if I'm putting up mental blocks against finishing because I'm afraid I'll miss her?

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  1. "...afraid I'll miss her?"

    Could be.

    Ghu knows, I carry around a lot of stuff, in my head and on my back, because I'm afraid I'll miss it.

    Just the other day, my wallet wore out, and I couldn't bring myself to toss it until I had found a picture of one like it, tweaked it until it looked still more so, and posted it to my blog. So I haven't so much thrown it away as converted it into a more convenient form.

    Maybe it would help if you think of it as shifting Len out of her larval form -- instead of being in your head, she'll be nearby, on the shelf.

    I'm in the process of shelving my primary fanfic world right now, as it happens.