Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Anonymity for Me!

So I skipped Tuesday on the grounds of feeling crappy, and then felt just as crappy Wednesday, and then I got a PM on one of my newsgroups from somebody saying she'd just realized I wrote The Ghost Sitter, her copy of which she had read till it fell apart.

Which puts a pretty high lower limit on how bad I can feel.

This is why I always post under my own name. No cute nicknames for me. I don't even understand the impulse, though probably I would if I didn't have so many roleplaying characters to provide me with alternate names and identities. I'm not nearly enough of a public figure for there to be any danger of somebody stalking me looking to have my babies, and if by any chance I get into the same forum as somebody who has read my books, or who likes my posts enough that they'd like to try my books if they know about them, I want them to be able to recognize me when they see my name. Conversely, anybody who thinks I make dull, long-winded posts (I'll cop to "long-winded") probably wouldn't care for my books, and should be able to avoid them.

It also acts as a brake on any impulse I might have to post in haste or share too much. If I'm not willing for it to turn up attached to my name in a random google search, I shouldn't write it down and I damn sure shouldn't hit "post."

Much better today, and the redbud's in full bloom. Goosegrass, however, is still winning the battle for my yard's soul.


  1. Hi Peni, I'm commenting on your previous post, Stranded. Glad you and Moby made it home okay. I'm impressed how quickly you came up with a story based on that experience. Sounds good to me. Go for it!

  2. The redbuds are bloom there? Nothing here yet. Just 75 miles north and the trees are still closed up tight. However we did see a monster lizard the other day...Spring is on the move.