Friday, June 15, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Yes, I know that picture doesn't show. I can't fix it, or add the tags, because Blogspot won't let me use my "Edit Posts" function. When my issue gets fixed, I'll fix the image. Meantime, in the unlikely event that anybody's panting to see my game piece, I've put several pictures of him, and the girls, in the picture forum on the Mod the Sims Discussion Board, and they can be easily found by clicking my name, going to my profile, and finding my recent posts.

Good thing it wasn't anything more important, or this would be much more frustrating. Not that I ever have important pictures to post. One of these days I'll have to carve out some room in the budget for a digital camera, so I can enliven my blog with visuals more often. But there always seems to be a book, or some fabric, or a repair, or a cause, that seems more urgent.

Since I don't know what the technical difficulties are, I can't promise they won't spread. If I go quiet for a few days, assume it's Blogspot's fault, not that I was in a car wreck.

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