Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stop Hitting Yourself

On days I don't accomplish anything, I get discouraged. And when Damon gets home, after he's done telling me the frustrations of his day, I'll go on a bit about mine.

The thing is, even on days when I know for a fact I goofed off and didn't do as much as I might have, if he asks me for a list of things I did (as opposed to the things I didn't, about which I'm more forthcoming) it always comes out sounding fairly long.

So he says "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself."

I'm convinced it'd be different if I kept a minute-by-minute log of activity; for one thing, a minute-by-minute log of activity, by its nature, wastes half your day in the documenting of it. But you don't get things done by feeling overwhelmed at the stuff you didn't do, either.

It won't advance my career, but I'm going to make him a blueberry pie today. Because blueberries are cheap, he likes them, and if I can't make money I can at least make healthy treats for those I love, right? And blueberry pie doesn't take so long to make that it precludes doing things to advance my career.

(The trick to low-sodium pie crust: replace the salt in the recipe with cinnamon, for sweet pies, and curry powder, for savory ones. Also, use no-salt butter instead of shortening. Yum!)

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