Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

We don't actually do anything to celebrate Halloween the last few years, but it's a holiday I like in principle; a flexible sort of holiday, with a variety of meanings depending on your culture and lifestyle. The fact that it's historically been the one day of the year when cross-gender dressing was legal in much of the US makes it a big day in the gay subcultural calendar. Its religious roots make it important in both Catholic and pagan traditions. Day of the Dead celebration has prompted some of the defining images of arte folklorico, not to mention coffin-and-skeleton themed candy in convenience stores. Trick-or-treat may be the best thing that ever happened to the American candy industry, especially given parental paranoia about home-made goodies. Carving pumpkins is fun, if dangerous (but that scar I got when I was six is barely visible these days.) News outlets fall all over themselves to publicize local ghostlore during this time of year; ghost stories can still get published in October issues even of mundane magazines; libraries make displays of themed anthologies of spooky stories for every taste;and TV stations start airing old horror classics, often in marathons. What is not to like?

This year, I got a nice bonus surprise: a new review of The Ghost Sitter, twelve years after publication! Not in any big, influential venue; but from a satisfying one, the blog of someone who's read it several times, still likes it, and wants to share. Again, what is not to like?

Sorry to miss the garage sale this weekend; should have had a Halloween one ready, couldn't get into gear. I trust my reputation, such as it is, will survive.

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