Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not How I Roll, But...

I've always, always, always had to do things chronologically in the first draft, no bouncing around.

But this time, apparently, I have to bounce around. In time, in character, in emphasis. In everything. Between stuff I might theoretically get paid for and stuff no one will ever see but me (unless I become the subject of graduate work which isn't very likely and no one expects it) and stuff that may or may not ever even be relevant. It's not how I work.

But it is this time. And something vaguely story-shaped emerges from the mess.

And isn't some of this a substitute for piles of research, in a way? Since I can't research this one? Aren't I doing research in my own head?

We'll see, I reckon. In any case I don't seem capable of doing anything else, so - ride it out.

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