Thursday, July 31, 2014

Authors Lead Exciting Lives

I sat down this morning knowing that Pelin was being followed, but not knowing what he was going to do about it.

I left off with him stepping out from behind a tree in front of the person on his tail and asking "May I help you?" I know what the next line is, but not much else.

Writing this book is like stepping off a cliff in the dark every day. Sometimes I plummet, sometimes I find a path, sometimes I find a single stair under my foot but can't see whether it's attached to anything, and sometimes, I have to get out my trusty toolkit and make a stair, from scratch, out of the materials to hand.

When you're afraid of heights and can't eat any of the food provided at amusement parks, you have to make your own thrills, what can I say?


  1. What's always so fascinating and miraculous is how the solutions come and the story comes together. it's a process I don't understand and don't question.

    1. Don't have to understand; don't have to question, because it always works! I just got off it, having quite unexpectedly gotten a lot of backstory into the dialog that I'd been worried about - it's a complicated secondary world, with lots of backstory, much of it counterintuitive for those of us raised in the patriarchy, so I've been worried about infodumps, and also about terminally confusing the audience. Should there ever be one. A little wrung out, but it's satisfying.