Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Medicinal Power of Libraries

I felt really crappy this morning; badly off balance. (Meniere's Disease. Basically, once in awhile I can't tell up from down. Big nuisance.) If I hadn't been way overdue to polish the dining room set (if I don't the warranty is voided; if I do, even cat scratches are covered) it would have been a sewing day, something I can do sitting down. Polishing the dining room was pretty much all I could do this morning and after lunch I felt lousy. So I did the only thing I could do.

I changed clothes, hopped on the bus, and went to the library.

The librarians had set out a couple of books for my husband, so I got those. I went to see if the sequel to The New Policeman was on the shelf (it was). I felt fine. I went upstairs, loaded the Semi-Weekly News into the microfilm reader with a little bit of fumbling, and I started reading newspaper. I put off getting to this part a long time because microfilm reading used to make me queasy, but it doesn't anymore. I worked till five and barely felt the time pass.

What causes this? Why is it that symptoms that normally floor me float away in a library? It's like the books set up an insulating field in which gravity is reinforced or something.

Fortunately, I'm not someone who has to understand something to take advantage of it. Read on!

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