Sunday, March 21, 2010

News of ill omen

Sid Fleischman died on St. Patrick's Day. I read about it yesterday morning at the School Library Journal site. He'd turned 90 the day before. I used to be able to say the names of all of McBroom's children, but now I'm not even sure if the word ends "andMelinda" or "andClarinda."

Yesterday was the equinox, and Dallas got 6" of snow. It was pretty chilly here, too, mostly because of high winds. Global warming - colder winters, hotter summers.

And Moby is running hot, so we'll have to take him to the car doctor after the body work is done and we can get his hood open. And I had no balance far too much of the past half week. I suspect balance issues had something to do with the accident, but I can't prove it one way or another.

So why do I feel optimistic right now? Partly because it's full-on spring here - the redbuds are on their way out, the banksia is blooming, and the oaks have shed their pollen and put out leaves. And partly because my online writing group has had a spate of sales lately. And partly, I suspect, because of things my chemicals are doing that have little or nothing to do with exterior stimuli.

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