Sunday, October 10, 2010

Idea Garage Sale: Fun with First Lines

Some of these are lines I wrote down while brainstorming; some come from unpublished stories. Or poems. Or just scribbled down in the middle of a page of research notes. Or drafts of talks/blog posts/entries. All of them feel like they're going somewhere, but I don't know where it is.

If you're into exercises, pick one and write on it. Or, just identify which line should begin what kind of writing.

And if you think: "This is silly, nobody can work with this, none of this is useful," remember Tolkien didn't know what a hobbit was when he wrote, in an empty blue book at exam time: "In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit."

1. "You are so not getting away with this!"
2. The worst of it was, Megrim wasn't even human.
3. Once upon a time, a poor rocket scientist lived in a bungalow with his five cats.
4. Sam Houston is a pivotal figure in American history whose name is not even pronounced correctly in New York.
5. Whether the mammoth or the ground sloth is the scariest-looking mammalian herbivore to ever roam the plains is a matter open for debate.
6. Cement is fragile, when compared to grass.
7. Time's up.
8. I was out of town when it happened, and she wasn't at the funeral, so the first time I saw April after Dave died was at Carol and Les's wedding.
9. Avery honked his horn.
10. "I'll beat you up," said DeeAnn.
11. By the end of the second day of high school, signs for the freshman dance papered the halls.
12. Time stopped at three A.M.
13. Grandma said there was no such things as monsters, but Amanda knew that one lived in the basement.
14. A house on the edge of town stood empty, run down, but the right size for a lone woman and a cat.
15. Jim Seagram drove to work savoring his future.
16. You know what to do if you can't take the heat.
17. My house was built in 1910.
18. Atheism and theism are equally unfalsifiable.
19. Tomorrow will be better.
20. San Antonio may be described as the biggest one-horse town in the world.

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  1. Oh these are great! But Peni, I have enough of my own! :O