Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Okay, Got It

I've been creeping up on the hard part of this book for awhile now. It wasn't making sense and it wasn't fitting together and what about this factor and that factor and no it wasn't going to work. But I kept writing, the next part and the next part and the next part, and Len kept riding, the next leg and the next leg and the next leg, and today I wrote myself up to the wall and then I stopped and stared at it.

And then I went and looked in some reference books.

And then I came back to the keyboard and laid it out how it was all going to happen. Once I took the dogs out, the logic began to work and I began to see it.

It'll still take me the rest of the week or longer to write it all and there are still bits I can't see, but that's okay. I'll see them when I need them. It won't be a big deal. And after that there's only the bits I've always known, the fate of the money belt and the secret sharing and the resolution. I could have this book drafted by the end of the year. I'll certainly be done before the end of January.

That's the thing about problems. Perspective works differently on them than on physical objects. If you keep coming steadily at them, they get smaller and smaller and smaller, until by the time you reach them, they're the right size to handle.

If more people understood this, they'd be less annoying to discuss problems with.


  1. That's nice. Who are you and why should I when you're not following mine?

  2. Hurray for the plot clicking into place, Peni! That's a great feeling. :>

  3. I am only just beginning to do what I think of as "really" writing (like, actually writing at least something every day, and having a workspace where I do nothing but write), but I do know what you are talking about.