Friday, May 27, 2011

Pleistocene Geek Out!

The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Werner Herzog's 3D film of the Chauvet cave - into which the public is not allowed! - is showing in Austin at a small theater. Reserved tickets are necessary.

Damon and I will be in Row C for the 2PM showing Saturday, May 28. AKA, tomorrow.

It's a little far to go to see a movie, but a piddling distance to see prehistoric cave paintings in 3D. I'd have gone as far as Dallas; maybe further with planning.

Thanks to Tasha, to whose google fu we owe this outing!


  1. It's supposed to be a fantastic film. There was an interview with the film's director on Fresh Air with Teri Gross on NPR a few weeks back.They probably have the transcripts to the interview on her site. Have fun!

    Alberto Ramirez Jr.

  2. Yes, I listened to that while it was on. I would have missed it, but Damon listens to NPR at work and e-mailed me in time to catch the rerun.

    Real excited. I couldn't stay in bed this morning!