Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I got two queries out last week, with more fuss than should have been necessary. One got rejected over the weekend.

This is not a career path for those who demand instant gratification, like to feel in control of their own destinies, or believe in career paths.

Meanwhile, the framers didn't show up yesterday - no one knows why - but are back again today. I should have back steps soon; this evening, I hope. The old steps were concrete and butted up against the house under the back door, with about an eight-inch drop from the bottom of the door frame to the first step. I won't miss that when I'm taking out the compost on dizzy days, not one bit! In fact, this may be the thing about the renovation I'm looking forward to most. I was prepared to sacrifice a couple of roses of sharon to it, but it doesn't look like that'll be necessary. So I can't say nothing's going right for me.

Thai can. She can only use the back door when the workmen are here, and she hates workmen. She and Bruce have the chores split up - when workmen are here, he stays outside to supervise what they're doing in the yard and she follows me around. I'm not sure whether she's protecting me from being demolished and rebuilt, or vice versa - her body language is ambiguous.

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