Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Better. Not Perfect.

The trouble with that last version was that it had no voice. It took me all day yesterday to think of that. (Brain like a mud trap, yesterday.) Today I spent half the day doing housework and other stuff, sat down, and got this:

Jilly knows squat about magic. Blythe knows a lot. When their
grown-ups disappear, one by one, Blythe figures out that they've been sent - somewhere - by a spell downloaded from AstralPalace.com; but then she disappears, too. Jilly breaks the spell, everyone returns, and the site goes offline. End of story - right?

Wrong. Blythe, mad that Jilly showed her up, aims to punish the unknown magician behind the spell. Step one, learn astral projection. Step two, find astral palace on the astral plane. It's locked down, but intact, maintained by the remaining prisoners and assorted spirits. Not for long, if Blythe has anything to say about it!

In Jilly's dreams - but they aren't dreams - her missing father calls for her. He went to jail so long ago she barely remembers him; but he's in the palace now, dodging spirit guards. Guided by the resident ghost, Jilly gains control of her dreams, makes a safe room in the palace, and brings her father to it; but she can't get him out. The three plot to access the magician's study and sabotage his operation.

When the prison rebellion Blythe stirs up threatens to tear the palace down, Jilly gets trapped in the study, separated from her allies and from the silver cord binding her to her body. Before she can wake up in the real world, Jilly needs to unravel the connections between herself, her family, and the palace -- and not let the biggest, baddest spirit kill her dad!

It's a good thing your brain keeps working on these things even while you're dusting, talking to contractors, and doing displacement activities, or I'd never get anything written.

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