Thursday, June 30, 2011

Neatness Sucks

When I put the draft to rest, I packed up all the non-book research I had - my folder of maps, my three-ring binder of photocopies, that sort of thing - in the tapestry bag I used to carry pens, notebook, and lunch when I did library research during the research phase, and put it someplace where I'd find it again when I needed it.

Now I have no idea where that is.

If I could only figure out how to exploit this talent for misplacing things for profit, the house would've been fixed up long ago. (Complete ceiling, window trim, and more than half the wainscot up in the laundry/sewing room! Hurray!)


  1. Ack! That does suck. I hope you find it. You're giving me reasons not to tidy my own office up. La-lala-la-la, must ignore this!

  2. The worst thing. I know how to find it. Clean the whole house. Like that's gonna happen in July with workmen tramping in and out.