Sunday, November 6, 2011

Idea Garage Sale: Contemporary Fairy Tale

The heroine's name is Jackie, of course; the youngest, the one no one takes seriously. Her family subsists on food stamps and is likely to be evicted.

Jackie shares her tortilla with a stray cat, though repeatedly told not to. El Gato is grateful and will help her find her fortune, but there's complications. Jackie's too young to buy a lottery ticket, and any treasure she digs up will belong to the property owner. Rewards come with strings attached. The grown-ups and older kids won't cooperate - they never do.

It's probable that Jackie and El Gato have different ideas about what constitutes an acceptable fortune.

Writing a book like this is following a well-trodden path; which means, if you want yours to stand out, you have to go head-to-head with some formidable competition. You'd better know your source material inside-out if you want to pull anything new out of it.


  1. Can she kill seven giants at one time?

    Thanks for signing the petition.

  2. Hmm.. I'm beginning to think El Gato is really a wizard in disguise...

  3. Bish - not in a contemporary setting, she can't! That's a hate crime against tall people. But this is the kind of suggestion that might seem viable to El Gato and not to Jackie.
    Nutschell - you may be right. Whether El Gato needs any kind of explanation depends on the story's tone. Sometimes a magical animal is just there; sometimes his identity lies at the heart of everything.