Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Frustrations

I was going to turn my blog black for American Censorship Day, but the html Blogger gives me to work with is so mind-bogglingly in need of a good proofreader I chickened out of figuring out where to put the necessary code string. So that's one.

The second is, yesterday I figured out what the problem is with fixing the pacing in the lesbian Western.

It's already paced the way I like it!

The thing is, I wrote this book so I could go back in time, in company with Len, and have a good long visit in Central Texas in Spring 1865. I like all the looking around at the landscape and observation of her surroundings and savoring of food she does. Len is a person who enjoys everything there is to enjoy as much as she can while she can, and she and I are happy for it to be so.

So a lot of what I need to take out is stuff she and I, the people telling the story, care about; but can't expect the audience to.

Yeah, I'll get rid of it. Len and I are both realists and we'll be in the minority on this issue. But the more concentrated, action-oriented story I'm aiming for is one I personally will enjoy less than the one I've got. So that takes a lot of the fun out of revising.


  1. Don't you just hate it when all the lovely description and ramblings you love have to go? GAK!

  2. It certainly is not my finest hour. It makes me wish I were a Victorian, because then I could leave it all in.

    Only I'd have to leave out or get really subtle with a lot of other stuff; plus, corsets, disenfranchisement, intitutionalized racism and sexism, no antibiotics, crappy birth, count my blessing and kill my darlings.

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