Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just Read It

Yesterday the weather was sitting on my head, but it was okay. I had a new Diana Wynne Jones book.

Not new fiction. A collection of essays, Reflections, came from Amazon UK - anybody who thinks I'm waiting till September to get a DWJ book I can have in May by paying extra shipping has another think coming.

It was one of those days when print slides away from my eyes a lot and I either have to pace myself with easy housework or give up and play sims all day; but Jones's prose has the remarkable quality of being much more readable when I'm having vision problems than other people's prose is. (DWJ was dyslexic, which I hadn't known before; I wonder if one reason she wrote so well was that she had to make the prose transparent enough to read the meaning through even when the words were wriggling around?) I had to stop periodically instead of shoveling it down with both hands like I usually do, but it's all read now. Some of it I'd read before, in photocopies or online or in other collections around the house. A lot of it I hadn't.

Y'all should read this book. Anything I could possibly say as a blogger is already said, much better, in it, but I don't mind being upstaged by a master. Having my own thought processes upstaged by Diana Wynne Jones is more invigorating than any number of pep talks.

I feel like maybe I can get back to Pellin now. You know, the story I wrote about awhile ago, with the memory loss and the cranky male hero that isn't going to make the agent search any easier.

I also need to get queries back in the mail, but important as that is I can never seem to do it when I'm not writing something else. It's the only way to get my drive back.

Now if I can figure out how Pellin's going to figure out what's going on with him...

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