Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Progress of a Sort; and, Sorry I Stood You Up

I seem to have lost a Sunday. The gaming group met for breakfast in order to get more time playing, and by the time we got home I'd forgotten all about the Garage Sale.

Maybe I'll do two next Sunday to make up. Or, maybe I won't.

I'm up to the Fifteenth Chapter (for some reason Len wanted to number them that way rather than the usual formats; don't look at me, I just work here) and have no sense whatsoever of how confused the reader will be at starting where we do, or at what pace I need to feed out details, or how many are really necessary, or whether cutting the first three chapters will change the last one sufficiently that I have to cut it, too.

But you wouldn't expect to know that stuff on the first pass through.

So far, my big regret is losing one sentence: "They'd probably had cream at dinner, but a strawberry is like a woman - what it is makes us smile and what it wears is lagniappe." I love that sentence. An awful lot of Len is in that sentence. But let it go. It's not the first darling I ever killed, nor will it be the last.

And the one-line pitch for a completely different book keeps rattling around in there, but hasn't miraculously improved while I wasn't looking.

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