Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My first panel is on Thursday at 3:00 "Texas Cuisine: What to Eat While You're Here." I completely missed this. Fortunately Damon is more detail-oriented than me and caught it. I can talk about food, off-the-cuff, for days at a time, butI hardly ever eat out anymore, due to the sodium thing, so I need to do a quick review of what downtown restaurants that I would like to recommend are in fact still there. Eating on the River is expensive and the food is mostly ordinary. Is that place opposite city hall still the only place you can get sopapillas downtown? (Biggest mystery in San Antonio - a tex-mex place on every corner and no sopapillas!)

I need to make a little hand-schedule to print out so as to simplify coordination with Damon. We actually got me a mobile for this occasion, but I don't like it (Knew I wouldn't) and we only got the one.

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