Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Brake for Civic Duty

Bitching and moaning aside, I did get a query out this morning, so go me. If you copy/paste the stuff you need from the webpages you need, and turn the damn thing off, and write what you're going to write as if it were going out in the mail, and then connect again and copy/paste in the specified e-mail/online form/whatever, it can be done without making a fool of yourself.

I hope.

This afternoon is devoted to early voting. It's time to amend the Constitution in Texas, again. The Texas Constitution is a model of how not to write one - you need to amend it to change procedural rules, for pity's sake! But there's usually one item of import that can't be neglected. This year, we need to fund the long-overdue state water policy.

I don't normally post politics, but it is important not to get so head-down in one's personal, professional, and creative life that we neglect our duties as citizens. If we want to keep our rights, we must do our duties.

Besides, if I go vote today, it's an excuse to go downtown. On the bus. I can read on the way. It'll be restful.

I'm also considering making an apple pie; but it's raining a lot and the dough might be too hard to work. Apple crisp is good, too...

For many of y'all, tomorrow begins National Novel Writing Month. Since all months are novel writing months, to me November is Kitchen Sanitation Month. So we'll all be hard at work, one way or another.


  1. Kitchen sanitation, eh?

    Suppose I ought to try that some time....

  2. The sense of accomplishment is considerable, plus - no botulism for Thanksgiving and you're not ashamed for guests to help you in your kitchen. And you recycle old Tupperwares that don't seal anymore, match your Mason jars with the lids, send stuff you haven't used since last Kitchen Sanitation Month to Goodwill, compost food that expired more than six months ago - it's great!