Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Black Hole in the Center

Why hadn't they taken her, too? What was the point of making her, if they didn't want to see her, too? You didn't do an experiment, and then go off and never look at the result!

That's the crux of the alien/faery child trope. The interest of the story lies in the alien child's interaction with the familiar environment, which is the story of all our alienated selves; but the key to satisfactory resolution lies in the question, Why is the child not in her native environment?

Answer that well, and all other difficulties in telling the story become trivial and soluble. Don't answer that well, and no virtue the story has can overcome the gravitational pull of the black hole in the center.

It is possible the reader and characters won't know at the end of the story. But it is essential that the author do so.

I recommend that you not commit to the story till you know that. But you'll do what you have to do.

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