Thursday, February 20, 2014

Side Trip's Over

Well, that was enlightening. Two non-chapters, one about fifteen pages, one fifty pages, double-spaced, which felt like practically nothing written each day and even the bits that might get copy-pasted into the story at key points when he starts getting his memory back will have to be rewritten from his POV. And what's the end result?

I don't know. Way too far from the end.

But some things I had assumed happened, didn't, so I'll have to rewrite those references. And some things that hadn't occurred to me at all happened. And the Duke and Lady Pommeroy have a very different sort of relationship than I assumed, and then General Cascip kind of blindsided me but that's all right, I have a good trajectory now...Plus lots of names and ages and relationships and wow, big brother has a girlfriend, who knew? Not me; and not, haha, the villain so her oversights are piling up and will crush her, crush her eventually! Because every mistaken assumption she makes is a weak point in the memory spell.

And the core truth of Pelin's emotional arc took me to a place I don't want to go but always knew I'd have to. I've danced around the edges of this so many times. Is this the time it takes and I really work through it?

Don't know. Too soon yet.

This is why authors make crappy dinner companions, y'all. Our heads are crammed with this cryptic stuff that no one else has enough inside knowledge to discuss, until the book's finished, at which point we've moved on.

(Looks around, sees neglected stuff piled up, sighs, goes to lunch.)

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