Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nice While it Lasted

Writing straight through seems to be done by now. It looks as if it's time to write a scene no one else will ever see from the villain's point of view. The one where she starts scrambling madly. Because it's not enough to know what her plans were, now that it's clear that not one of her plans has survived collision with other people's secrets. In a lot of ways, I'm finding, she's working as much in the dark as the protagonist. Pelin's memory loss wasn't even a contingency plan. It was the inspiration of a moment.

This all means that time is critical to her and that all the unwise moves she's been making publicly have been valiant attempts to keep her balls in the air long enough for them to come down in the correct order. This means I have to shorten the timeline - the pressure on her is enormous.

I wonder if this means I need to expand to her POV?

Part of me hopes not, because I've done a fair amount of alternating POV in my life and I want this to be different.

Part of me hopes so, because I'm writing a lot more words than can fit in the final book just to figure out the plot.

Not the time to decide that.

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