Sunday, July 31, 2011

Idea Garage Sale: Everything But What I Want

Still no title inspiration for Len's story. I can think of titles that have no stories to go with them, though.

On the Other Hand, What the Heck's the Use?
70s problem novel, I think.

The Stars and the Gingerbread Man
I have no idea what genre, even, this would be, but c'mon, you'd pick it up just to find out, wouldn't you?

The Secret Mystery of the Hidden Clue.
To catch all the 10-year-olds walking up and down the aisle scanning for the words "Secret," "Mystery," "Hidden," and "Clue" in order to get their mystery fix.

Beginning, Anywhere
YA. This is a quote from Fort: "One measures a circle, beginning, anywhere."

Garden of Memory, River of Time
A Hole in the World
Lost Moonshine
A time travel trilogy, or they could also be Moody Blues albums. Speaking of which:

Psycho Delia.
Don't know anything about it, except the name of the central character. Possibly Delia is not the protagonist, but if not, she's the catalyst.

Brief Lies
Best title ever for a short story collection.

Lunch is Where You Find It: A Guide to Foraging

One Nation, Under the Bed
Is it a middle grade fantasy or a snarky YA contemporary?

A Storm in the Brain
It's Not What You Think You Want
Land Mind
Quit While You're Behind

Time to get ready for the game, anyway.

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  1. Waaaaah! My stories go begging for titles, and Peni has more than she can use! No fair!