Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Less Progress

What can I say? It's hot. I had health crap this weekend. Monday was my birthday, today is my anniversary, and I've been having trouble keeping track of what day it is.

In the mornings it's pleasant to sit on the porch with the laptop, but in the afternoons it's the study with the air on or nothing; but the study with the air on isn't all that cool and I have a lot of distractions on this machine. This morning I got the hook into what I think is reasonable shape and it needs to cool. I think I took the manuscript out a little too early, because although I can't believe it's ready to go after only two passes, I don't see where the work needs to be. I was expecting to have to tweak the camel stuff, but my camel expert says not to. (Good for me.) So I'm getting someone to read through it for me and tell me where I go wrong.

Meantime I should be doing market research, which - well, let's just say I spent the morning on the porch reading an old dormant manuscript, instead. The vampire/alternate-world quest mash-up, in which there is some good stuff but I don't, so far, quite see how to salvage it. The trouble with it is, that I took two common tropes of which I am fed up and mixed them together to get something I rather like. But this is exactly the kind of thing I have the hardest time selling: It looks like this other inexplicably popular crap, but it's better. Yeah, that doesn't sound clueless or egotistical, does it?

However, the sunroom beadboard is painted bright white and the yellow will go onto the dado tomorrow, and our back steps have sturdy wooden rails, so at least somebody's making visible progress around here. Meanwhile, Happy Anniversary to Damon and Me.

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