Thursday, August 11, 2011

August = Limbo

Triple digit temperatures. House improvements perpetually 90% complete. Mornings that are pleasantly cool as long as I don't move. Plants that look like old, faded, construction paper. Drinking constantly. Sudden sleepiness (though sleeping in the middle of the day is impossible for me) when the electrolytes drain in spite of that. Able to see where the work needs to be done, but unable to concentrate long enough to do it.

The air conditioner in the study is in the window onto the balcony, so I keep a 10-gallon bucket underneath to catch the condensation, with a rock in the bottom so the cats don't knock it over when they stick their heads in to get a drink. That isn't a problem at the moment as after an afternoon of labor (I don't turn it on before noon) it's always full to the brim. Every morning I haul it downstairs to empty it over the yard. It doesn't help noticeably.

Yes, it's August. Dormancy time for plants and Peni. At least I can be constructive by being available when glitches arise in the construction.

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