Sunday, August 28, 2011

Idea Garage Sale: At Random

Vertigo last night, and this morning, too. So just some random real-life sentences and phrases, in need of context.

"We have a buffet, but it's covered with angels."
"Chicken in my purse."
"The dog that leaped out of my wall."

Public service note: When the room is spinning, do not close your eyes. That will make it worse. Find a point and lock your eyes onto it. This may take several tries, but when you succeed, the spinning will be over.

Until the next time you change the angle of your head, but you can't have everything. I'll probably have to caffeinate today.


  1. I think I could do something with, "The dog that leaped out of my wall." Not that I need another idea....

    (What a trip to be on the River Walk during a flood!)

  2. None of us need them, but you can't stop them.

    The main part of the River Walk didn't even overflow. That's how good our flood engineering is. They shut the gates at the ends of the loop, opened the others as far as they'd go, and all the flooding that the tunnels didn't divert went roaring on by.