Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Discipline! Oh, well.

Realizing that I haven't touched the sewing machine, except to dust it, since the beautiful new sewing room became available; that I've let a number of beautiful warm days go by without doing any yardwork; and that only a fraction of the necessary post-construction home reorganization has been accomplished, on January 1 I gave Damon the disk I need to run Sims2 and told him to hide it somewhere until February 1. I can resist the siren call of the game in order to do writing work, hang out with friends, and such important stuff; but it is so much easier to stick the disk in and take Ernest and Sage Ann on vacation, or find out which parent baby Dove Hawkins will grow up to look like, or throw a wedding party for Luis Iana and Sharla Ottomas, than to figure out how to cut jeans so that they'll fit me without letting a draft up my back!

So the first day Damon goes back to work after his vacation that I don't have the disk available is also the first day in awhile that my balance is so bad that pulling weeds, figuring out patterns (which is more of a balance job than you think, let me tell you - I can barely envision flat shapes into 3D ones when my gyroscope's functioning), and bouncing up and down ladders to organize things are strongly contraindicated. And visual effects often accompany the balance ones, making reading difficult, which is one reason I got hooked on the game as a leisure activity to begin with.

Stupid body. You'd think it'd be on my side, but nooooo...

Don't worry - I'll find some way to fill the day. I may even find some way to make it not a complete waste of time. There are organizing jobs I can do sitting down, after all (she says, looking at the stacks on the computer table).

And yes, I will miss my little pixel people and regret the timing on my decision to cut myself off, possibly for several days; but I won't ask Damon for the disk back. Because sometimes we have to do this - to ourselves, and to our characters. Take the crutch away. Remove the resource that lets them work around their problem instead of solving it. Force the character arc because the character is being lazy.

Lazy is our natural state. But busy is more fun.


  1. I hear you. I've just about stopped all computer blogging stuff until late in the afternoon, early evening as I love/want/need to have my mornings to write in.

  2. Yeah, I keep trying to not turn the computer with internet access on at all until afternoon - but it's not the only distraction in this house! And sometimes you have to check your e-mail because there might be important stuff there.