Friday, August 3, 2012

Ah, Libraries! And Buses.

I had a lot of errands to run this morning, before it got too hot, and some books due, so included the library on my rounds. I've been using Wowbrary a lot, which is a good service, but it means we place a lot of holds and pick books up/drop them off in passing, when I pick Damon up to run after-work errands or he has a doctor's appointment near the library or something. It's been a long time since I did a proper library visit.

I still didn't have one today, but I had more of one than I have in a long time. A proper library visit goes like this:

Drop books at return desk.

In any convenient order:
Browse new books and displays.
Go to non-fiction section containing books on topic of current research.
Browse YA books.
Browse special displays.
Browse mystery and science fiction sections.
Browse children's books.
Heft backpack, consider whether it's wise to do a quick scan of the sections where the Fortean material winds up, decide what the heck, browse Fortean books.
Check out.
Go to bus stop, begin reading.

Since I was in the car I lacked two key ingredients, the ginormous backpack into which books hurl themselves with astoundingly little input from me, and the reading time that starts at the bus stop. I had as many as I could carry by the time I finished with the new books. I was also light-headed, so I started reading Agatha Christie: Murder in the Making while I waited to trust myself to drive. Yeah, big hardship there. But if I'd been on the bus I could have gotten twice as many books and begun reading them at once!

I'm glad I learned to drive, but the bus is a much more enriching experience. I miss it.

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