Friday, August 10, 2012

My First E-Book Edition!

My first e-book is published on Damon's birthday. Yay?

The Maze got picked, as I stated earlier, because it's short. I still need to make it available via other sources (next stop, Kindle), and then I need to figure out how to actually market the thing, and then I'll be ready to decide how to proceed with the other books to which I hold reverted rights, but now it's lunchtime.

And good enough for now.


  1. Oops... I put an extra "n" in your name! GAK, I know better.

  2. No worries. Why should you be different from anybody else? The two Ns seem to be intuitive - I can't count the number of times people have put them down when copying my name, or as I stood next to them spelling it, not even telling them the name, just spelling it.

    I could adopt two Ns at any time, but since I've only ever had one it just looks weird and wrong to me. And I've fought too hard for too long to give up now!