Sunday, May 12, 2013

Idea Garage Sale: Those Little Toss-Offs

This sort of thing happens to me a lot.

I'm reading a simblr (a tumbler site devoted primarily to pics from one's Sims game) in which the poster reveals the randomly-assigned name of her NPC Master Vampire, Count Jeffrey May. I respond: "Or, he may not. My own vampire's name is Count Ralph." Because it tickles me no end to have a Master Vampire named Count Ralph and I take every opportunity I can to tell people who might be even a tiny bit interested. She responds in turn that Count Ralph needed to partner with a werewolf named Moon Moon, to which I return: "Count Ralph and Moon Moon. Together they fight crime. I can see it."

And as I hit Post I think: "How is this not already a series on the CW?"

I don't mean Count Ralph and Moon Moon, specifically, but a vampire/werewolf detective team? That's got blinking neon lights all over it. Two hot leads, either very bromancy for the huge slash* audience out there or a female vampire and a male werewolf; either way they can have all sorts of power and interspecies political issues; supernatural framework; vampires and werewolves both come with huge wells of cultural capital to draw on and recombine in fresh ways; detective shows are always popular; if Supernatural really is in its final season the CW will have an open slot to fill - it could totally work!

Most fen toss off some perfectly viable concept like this as a joke every two or three fannish conversations. If you think about it, you've probably got a dozen or so kicking around your subconscious and/or your circle of friends right now. Why not pull one out and try to develop it?

Why not? Stupider ideas have hit it big. (I won't cite examples as I'm sure you have lots of your own, which may or may not correspond to mine, and I don't want to start any taste wars.)

*Though originally referring to any fanfic highlighting a fantasy romantic pairing between two characters, the term "slash" has come to mean specifically male homosexual relationship fanfic, as in "Kirk/Spock." Most slash fans are straight women.

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