Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poking Through Old Manuscripts

So I was looking in the old manuscripts to see if there's anything I can gussy up to send in during Strange Chemistry's unagented window (I wouldn't be able to finish anything suitable that's unfinished before October) and I'm finding that the most intimidating things about some of them is the technology gap. I'm way behind on technology - no digital anything except a DVR, which my husband only bought last week and he's the only one who's used it so far - and in most of these manuscripts references to tapes and CDs were perfectly reasonable.

I know nobody uses cassette tapes anymore (and honestly I don't miss them) but - what slightly outmoded technology would a couple of underprivileged kids be making do with these days? And how would it go wonky?

This has nothing to do with the plot, mind, but it matters to characterization.

There's huge gaps in my modern musical education, too.

I am old, I am old. But I will not wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled and I absolutely do dare to eat peaches whenever I can.

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  1. As far as slightly-outmoded tech goes... wouldn't a handheld CD player work? If I recall, they're cheapish nowadays -- and easily found in discount stores and thrift shops -- and not only do they eat their weight in batteries, they have a tendency to skip if joggled. Plus the CDs on hand could be scratched or dirty.

    And now I've got snippets of that poem running through my head.