Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What I Should've Said...

"Yeah, you take a car full of brown people and a car full of white people through the same checkpoint with the same border guard, then tell me who's generalizing."

"The Texas myth is a large and valuable one, but it grew up around straight white men and therefore it's got a lot of racism and sexism and so on associated with it. And I think a lot of people who cling to it are afraid, and a lot of people who are rejecting it assume, that you can't keep the myth without the racism and sexism. But if you look at the facts of history, and the less-publicized but equally likely versions, and the stories that haven't been told as much, and you see it isn't true. We have always been a diverse culture, and our mythic heroes can be found in any part of that diversity. We just have to shine the light on different places than we have in the past."

"You know what? I think I will stay for the masquerade."

"Texas blue dogs. The Donkey Lady. Skunk apes. Puss caterpillars. Puss caterpillars are easily the scariest of them."

"Oh, c'mon, no one part of a steer is any grosser than any other part of a steer. If you enjoy barbeque and can get over your ingrained prejudices, you might very well like barbacoa."

"Hang on just a second, Wendy, let me get a picture." Seriously, y'all, I need a picture of Wendy's half-horse costume to put here and on tumbler. It's amazing. The rear legs move. I'm so proud to call her my friend!

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