Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hey, This is Working

I finally figured out both why Pelin secretly thinks his brother's rival is a better candidate for the kingship, and why I'm having such a hard time bringing him on stage even in the backstory, when my excessively blunt heroine says: "But her ladyship likes your brother, and he's a stick, so there's no reason she shouldn't like you to and oh, crap, I should have censored that."

A great deal falls into place now I know that the missing older brother/heir is boring! And now I finally know how to get him onstage (in the backstory; part of which will presumably be rewritten later on from a different POV for a flashback).

Writing. It's this continual process of discovery!

(And I think I'm finally committed enough to start calling this a Work In Progress.)

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