Thursday, January 14, 2010

Headlines! More reflected glory!

So I opened School Library Journal this morning, and I saw that San Antonian Carmen Tafolla has won the Charlotte Zolotow Award for outstanding writing in a picture book with What Can You Do with a Paleta? ( Tricycle Press)

I can't claim any particular closeness to Ms. Tafolla, and I don't guarantee you that if you mentioned me to her she'd know who I was, but she's local and I've been in the same room with her, so I can be proud of her if I want to. And I want to!

A paleta, for those of you who don't know, is like a Popsicle but way better. They're basically frozen juice on a stick, but without that wateriness I get when I try to freeze my own. When you're about to collapse of heat exhaustion a tamarind paleta is the wisest thing you can buy. El Paraiso, the joint closest to me, sells watermelon ones with the seeds still in; and if you're into cold dill pickles you should try their dill pickle flavored ones.

I see I had a brain burp on Tuesday and got the Sydney Taylor Book Award mixed up with Susan Taylor Brown. What can I say, it was kind of a crappy day and I just wanted to go lie down before my head fell off. I could go back and edit and pretend it never happened, but I'm more honest than that. Or lazy, pick one.

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