Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I got another Fortean Times, which is nice but - remember how I don't order from Amazon when I can get it from the Red Balloon?

Well not if it's Amazon UK and what I get is DIANA WYNNE JONES's new book which may not be available in the US for a year or more. Loyalty is great but this is Diana Wynne Jones. They'll understand.

I first started reading the great DWJ with Charmed Life, which I bought used for a buck ninety-eight while noodling around a genre store in Atlanta as my husband went meticulously through the comic boxes filling gaps in his Thor collection. It was pretty good. So I looked under Jones next time I went to the library, and there she was. I gave her the one-book-per-visit treatment, picking the books that sounded most interesting first, and then I was down to Dogsbody, which sounded pretty lame. The dog star Sirius incarnates as a dog to retrieve a magical dohickey, yeah, there's an upper limit to how good that can be.

Except there isn't when Diana Wynne Jones writes it.

After that, I didn't bother reading the jacket copy. I just picked her up and started reading her in the line at checkout. This one's called Enchanted Glass.

Excuse me, I think I've wasted enough time blogging now. "When Jocelyn Brandon died -- at a great old age, as magicians tend to do -- he left his house and his field-of-care to his grandson, Andrew Brandon Hope..."

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